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The Georgiana Institute
has been a resource for information on Auditory Integration Training since the publication of Sound of a Miracle.

What is AIT?
Auditory Integration Training is a sound and music therapy consisting of modulated and filtered music played through headphones for half an hour, twice a day, for ten days. Its effect is to eliminate or reduce uncomfortable sound sensitivity.

The FDA permits the following statement: Auditory Integration Training remediates impairments in auditory discrimination (sound sensitivity and auditory distortion) associated with autism, learning disabilities, and related disorders - ADD, ADHD, CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Dyslexia.

What are the benefits?
Improvements in socialization skills, focus, concentration, expressive language, sleeping, and academic performance.

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Annabel Stehli welcomes questions and comments about Auditory Integration Training, autism, and related disorders from individuals, parents, family members and professionals. She can be contacted by email, or by text (she prefers texting) or phone at (203)994-8215. For more information about Sound of a Miracle and her other books, including reviews and where to buy, visit AnnabelStehli.com.

To find a qualified professional, see the onsite Directories of United States and International AIT practitioners.

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Georgiana Thomas
is the author of
Overcoming Autism
My Inside Story

“ . . . inspiring and insightful . . . ” - Steve Eldelson, Ph.D., Director, Autism Research Institute

“In vivid detail, Georgie describes how unbearable her life was with hyper-acute hearing . . . . When she and I first met in high school she was just like anyone else!” - Ingrid Klein, longtime friend

For more information about Georgiana Thomas’ book Overcoming Autism, email Georgie at

nipponon@yahoo.com or

phone (541) 752-7406

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Overcoming Autism
My Inside Story

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